PEO Sales Training began in 2006.

PEOs have employed us for advanced sales training to help their teams avoid the following problems:

  • Quoting but not closing
  • Getting “shopped”
  • Poor time management
  • Poor prospecting techniques
  • Over promising and under delivering
  • Poor client retention
  • Not getting referrals
  • Failing to qualify prospects
  • Wasting time on dead deals

Our trainers are not only experienced and active salespeople, they have had training, and indeed still receive training. Some of the training includes:
Sandler Training
Clay Kelley
Tommy Hopkins
Dale Carnegie
Sales Growth Group


“This sales training has been an excellent tool in helping me re-evaluate the way I look at various parts of the sales process. One of the most valuable areas of the training is dissecting our “challenges” from a holistic perspective and then developing effective solutions. I have been applying much of what I’ve learned in this training and have found success because of it.” Carmelite Souffront , Lightsource HR

“This training has definitely taught me how to be more of a trusted advisor and less of a ‘sales person’. Will has taught me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses that I did not even know I had. Take the training! He is great!” Ginny Shadowens, EmployerNomics South Florida

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