On Line Training

Using the “Zoom” application, we are now able to provide on line training to anyone with a smart phone.

A weekly class is in planning, starting approximately middle of May.

Here is a proposed agenda. Each line is one weekly class

  • PEO Basics
  • Pricing, how it is determined
  • What you need to find out from prospects
  • How to work with agents
  • How to work with PEO brokers
  • How to prospect
  • How to follow up
  • How to make sure your quotes don’t get “shopped”
  • How to recover a lost client
  • How to get referrals from … well anyone!
  • Networking, and how to avoid Not Working
  • Personality profiles (DISC)
  • Bonding and Rapport
  • Turning Competition in to Strategic Partnerships
  • Goal Setting and Tracking
  • Making your “cookbook”
  • Sales Journaling
  • Identity vs. Roles

and so on. Our team is adding classes as we go on.

If you or someone you know is interested in attending these 90 minute classes, please use the form below.

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